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The following facts are provided to inform the community. More facts to follow.

  • UTN Members have been without a contract since July 1,2014.
  • The contract which expired in June 2014 included a HARD FREEZE in year one.  That means unit members did not receive a step increment, nor did they receive a percentage increase to salary.
  • The contract which expired in June 2014 included four 0% increases. The salary schedule that is currently in effect in the 2014-2015 school year is the EXACT SAME Man-and-Q-OPT1SALARY SCHEDULE which was in place in 2009-2010.
  • The most veteran teachers, those who have served the community for many, many years, did not receive a salary increase during the duration of the 2010-2014 contract.
  • Teachers and Nurses are currently contributing 21% toward their health insurance coverage. This is one of the highest teacher contribution rates on Long Island.
  • Due to the increased contribution to health insurance and the lack of increase or step increment, UTN members are currently receiving a net paycheck (“take home pay”) which is lower than that which was received in June.

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