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The United Teachers of Northport is the Association representing Teachers, Teaching Assistants and Registered Nurses in the Northport-East Northport UFSD. We are affiliated with our State union, NYSUT (New York State United Teachers) and our national unions, AFT (American Federation of Teachers) and NEA (National Education Association), as well as the AFL-CIO.

The UTN Leadership Team is here to support you. Please do not hesitate to contact your representatives with any questions or concerns. We are here to help you!


  • Antoinette Blanck, President – UTN Office
  • Carol Taylor, Executive Vice President – Pulaski Road School
  • Pam DeFord, Elementary Vice President – Fifth Avenue Elementary School
  • Wayne Jensen, Secondary Vice President – Northport High School
  • Virginia Neill-Meade, Secretary – Fifth Avenue Elementary School
  • Tammy Walsh, Treasurer – Northport High School
  • Nick Raio, Grievance Chair – Northport Middle School
  • Bryan Krahel, PAC Chair – Northport High School

UTN Building Representatives

  • Bellerose Avenue Elementary School – Denise Brancato, Stacey Weisberg
  • Dickinson Avenue Elementary School – Terry Behrenfeld
  • Fifth Avenue Elementary School – Ginny FitzSimmons, Wenla Petry
  • Norwood Avenue Elementary School – Christine Michalopoulos, Mark Scheidt
  • Ocean Avenue Elementary School – Maggie Anderson, Jen Bisson
  • Pulaski Road Elementary School – Monica DeJong, Louise Quinn
  • East Northport Middle School – Kelly Lange
  • Northport Middle School – Jen Buchan, Leslie Cohen
  • Northport High School – Kim Braha, Kerri Titone

UTN TA Representatives

  • Bellerose Avenue Elementary School – Margaret Koestner
  • Fifth Avenue Elementary School – Linda Bogdanowich
  • Northport Middle School – Tracia Hawkins
  • Northport High School – Sookmin Harris

Nurse Representitives

  • Ocean Avenue Elementary School – Cindy Latchford

UTN-S: Vickie Marini – President
UTN-R: Teddy Emanuel – Representitive

UTN Office
Judy Griffin, Office Manager
166 Laurel Road, Suite 207, East Northport, NY 11731

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