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Contract Negotiations Update #21

TUESDAY, MAY 17, 2011

Last evening, the UTN Negotiations Team and District representatives met at the Laurel Avenue School, along with mediator Robert Simmelkjaer. While it was the expectation of the UTN that the purpose of the session was to review and clarify our most recent financial proposal, it quickly became evident that the District remains unwilling to discuss financial proposals other than those which they have crafted and presented. Board Counsel John Gross again asserted the Board’s position that only a hard freeze would be acceptable.

Despite attempts by the mediator to encourage the District to reconsider its stance with regard to the hard freeze, the District remained adamant about its position and unwilling to compromise in order to reach a settlement. The District also rejected the UTN’s LIPA contingency plan proposal asserting that it is “not a positive advantage” for the District.

Both sides will return to the table, with the mediator, on June 1st.

Please be prepared for additional solidarity events within the next few weeks. More information will follow.

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