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Supplies needed for families displaced by fire.

The UTN is collecting donations for those affected by the fire in the residential apartments on Larkfield Road.

Collected items should be dropped off at the UTN on Tuesday.  Items will be donated to our local Red Cross.  They are looking for clothing, blankets, school supplies, toys, etc.

UPDATE: 1/4/2014-5:05PM

The following emails were sent by the UTN leadership responding to specific questions related to donations:


At this point, we know that four families have been displaced, three of which have children in our schools. Seve children have been impacted (1 pre schooler, 4 elementary,  1 middle school and 1 high school).  I will have specific info (gender and sizes) later today.  We are seeking donations of clothing, blankets, school supplies and toys, at this point.  Prospectively, we may also be seeking household items. Right now two of the families are temporarily stays with extended family in Huntington.  The other family has been put up in a hotel by the Red Cross.

I will get back to you later with more details. Thank you for your prompt and positive response!   We can work together to help our community members get through this terrible ordeal.

Take care,
Antoinette Blanck


Hi Pulaski PTA Ladies,

It’s Carol Carpenter (third grade teacher). You may have heard that a fire gutted many Larkfield Road apartments where many of Pulaski families live. The United Teachers of Northport has organized a relief effort of donated items. We were wondering if you have organized anything with which we could help you? Would you like to join our efforts? We have asked our membership to donate items by Tuesday and drop them off to the UTN. The UTN execs will take the items to the local Red Cross. We truly believe we CAN make a difference!

On behalf of Antoinette Blanck and the entire UTN family, Happy belated New Year. See you soon.

Warmest Personal Regards,

Carol Carpenter,


We will update our website as more information becomes available.

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