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Resolutions for the Regents

Sign the letter.

Tell the Board of Regents and Commissioner King why you’re wearing blue on the Day of Action.

Tell them to commit to New Year’s resolutions for 2014 to help us reclaim the promise of public education.


RE: 2014 New Year’s Resolutions

We are parents, educators and community members. Across New York state, we are wearing blue and taking action as part of a national movement to reclaim the promise of public education. Underfunding, an undemocratic tax cap, lack of access to public higher education, rushed implementation of new standards and evaluations, an obsession with testing, lack of support for teaching and learning, insufficient staffing and layoffs all jeopardize the promise of public education.

As we approach the end of the year, we look back on the past and, more importantly, forward to the coming year. We reflect on the changes that need to be made and resolve to take action to get it right.

Over the past few months, the Board of Regents has heard the outrage over its reform agenda as well as the right solutions to move us forward. We call on the Regents to commit to these New Year resolutions for 2014 and take action:

Implement high standards the right way.

Ask the Legislature and governor to increase funding for public schools and colleges, and help all students succeed.

Push for a three-year moratorium on high-stakes consequences linked to state standardized tests.

Emphasize teaching and learning, not testing and consequences.

Listen to the real education stakeholders: parents, educators, students and community members.

We urge you to start the New Year off right by making these resolutions and sticking to them.

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