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Yesterday afternoon, members of the UTN and District negotiations teams met in a small group session at the offices of Ingerman Smith in Hauppauge. Representing the District were Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Rosemarie Coletti and Board Counsel John Gross. Following the small group session, the UTN Team met at the NYSUT Suffolk Regional Office in Hauppauge.

Financial matters were the focus of discussion at the small group session. The parties will continue that discussion at sessions scheduled for August 22nd 27th.

The UTN Team will meet again prior to the next session.

As always, a UTN Negotiations Update will be forwarded to the membership following the next session. As negotiations continued in Hauppauge, Superintendent Marylou McDermott announced her resignation, effective July 21, 2015, on the District website.

Her resignation will have no impact on the negotiations process.

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