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negotiation-picYesterday afternoon, members of the UTN and District negotiations teams met at the Laurel Avenue School.  Meeting with the full UTN Team were District representatives Board Trustee Jennifer Thompson, Board Trustee David Badanes, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Rosemarie Coletti, as well as Board Counsel John Gross and Board Counsel Regina Cafarella.

Conceptual agreement was made on one non-financial item which had been the subject of lengthy discussion at past sessions.

In addition to another non-financial matter, discussion at yesterday’s session did include financial aspects of the contract.  Preliminary and conceptual discussions of these aspects, which began yesterday, will be the subject of a small group session on July 21st.

The UTN Team met after yesterday’s session and will meet again immediately following the July 21st small group session.

Additional sessions have been scheduled for August 22nd and August 27th. Small group sessions may potentially be planned between July 21st and August 22nd.

As always, a UTN Negotiations Update will be forwarded to the membership following the next session.

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