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Contract Negotiations Update #14


On behalf of the UTN Negotiations Team, I would like to thank you, our membership, for your overwhelming attendance at, and participation in, our recent solidarity activities. Once again, I was very proud to see our members join together in a show of solidarity at the first of our “Unity Walks” this past Friday morning. It was with great pride that I joined my UTN brothers and sisters at several schools, as
we walked together to show our support for one another and our cohesion as a union.

As we move forward and continue our “Unity Walks,” please be reminded that we are not to discontinue any pre-existing or prior-arranged activities, such as intramurals or extra help sessions, in order to participate. Additionally, we must remain vigilant about containing our walks to the public right of way and continue to be mindful of both pedestrian and vehicular traffic as they enter and exit the school

A special thank you, as well, to those of you who attended yesterday’s General Membership meeting. A great deal of information was presented and discussed. As I said several times at that meeting, one of the most crucial aspects of being a union member is to be informed. General meetings are but one way for this to take place. In addition, please continue to read UTN updates, as well as e-mail alerts, visit the
UTN website, attend building level UTN meetings and maintain an open line of communication with your union leadership, at both the building and district-wide levels.

The UTN Negotiations Team will meet again next week in its ongoing efforts to prepare for negotiations. Both sides are scheduled to return to the table on November 22nd. Please look for an update after that session.

In unity,


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