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Contract Negotiations Update #13


The UTN Negotiations Team met with District representatives, Terry Bouton, Kathleen Molander and Board Counsel John Gross, on the afternoon of Tuesday, October 26th. Once again, discussion focused on the new APPR, the negotiation of which is statutorily mandated.

While at the table, the District introduced a newly revised APPR proposal, the review of which has already begun by the UTN Team. By the conclusion of the session, it was evident that the District remains unwilling to discuss certain aspects of their APPR proposal—
a discussion which, it is our position, is required under the law. Our next negotiations session has been scheduled for Monday, November 22nd.

While the negotiating of each aspect of a contract, including salary and benefits as well as working conditions, is important, the discussion of, and agreement to, language regarding the new APPR is paramount. Our careers, and the careers of our successors, may be in jeopardy if careful attention is not given to this critical element.

Although the Commissioner of Education has yet to release the specific regulations on the new APPR, and may not do so until late spring, the UTN Negotiations Team will be presenting an overview of the statute and provide pertinent facts at the UTN General Meeting on Monday, November 8th at 3:30 pm in the High School Large Cafeteria. All UTN members are encouraged to attend.

As the next step in our solidarity action plan, UTN members are asked to join their colleagues in a unity walk before school each pay day Friday, beginning on Friday, November 5th. Specific details for your building will be disseminated by your Action Team Building Captains and UTN Building Representatives.

Please note that there are three Board of Education meetings in November, on the 1st, 15th and 29th. We ask that UTN members resume their attendance, as part of the “one in ten” initiative, on Monday, November 1st. This will continue on November 15th. Mark your calendars and plan ahead as we are requesting a full presence of UTN members at the November 29th meeting. More information on that solidarity activity will be forthcoming.

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